100 Lessons the Oceans will teach you

Inspired by another blogger, here goes a list of some lessons the Oceans can/will teach you.
Thank you to Emma Mora for her original list. You can follow her "La Mar d Cosas" blog here.

To develop a sailor's sense.
To anticipate events.
To be patient, much more than you think.
To grow up.
To socialize, if not sailing alone.
To relax, enjoy, relativize ...
To keep calm in difficult situations.
To transmit serenity to those who sail with you.
To develop a spirit of collaboration.
To have an humorous approach on some occasions.
To organize.
To solve unexpected problems.
To be a leader, if you are the boss.
To be a team player.
To deeply enjoy small things.
To grow and to excel.
To be prudent.
To overcome fears.
To learn to admire the simple.
To assess what is important and ignore unimportant things.
To speak clearly, calling things by their names.
To be amazed.
To meet "Mr. Murphy", always present in the boat.
To be a little freer.
To observe, think and act.
To be "Mr. Fixit"
To pee sited (ladies are already prepared in advance).
To adapt to the circumstances.
To recycle.
To know you're not in charge.
To fear, to respect, to love, to fight.
To dream of.
To leave the mind blank.
To breath.
To deeply know the friends with whom you share a navigation.
To use multiple senses, not just sight.
To notice that time has another dimension and another measure.
To care for others and that others care for you.
To learn that discipline and order are positive concepts.
To understand that fear can be controlled.
That in the end you happen to like storms.
That you are more strong to face cold, rain, sun.
That to trim sails gives you stronger hands.
That you gain in balance and reflexes.
That hangovers are worst...
That behind any horizon there's always land.
To realize that the sea is big and we are small.
To be more sensitive as human beings.
To enjoy the good and the bad weather.
To look into the distance.
To not worry about the inconsequential.
To talk, to shut up and to listen.
To learn something new in the sea. Everyday!
In which we learn to be happy.
To enjoy.
To take responsibility.
To live with yourself.
To relativize the problems you have inshore.
Not to spit against the wind.
To have a deeper understanding of yourself.
To enjoy peace.
To let flow your imagination.
To realize that we are insignificant compared to nature.
That the sea makes us equal to all.
To reborn.
To enjoy every moment to the fullest.
To realize the constraints that society puts us.
To need little.
To laugh at oneself.
That where there's a Skipper there are no sailors.
To be silent.
That the wind always comes from the nose.
To act calmly when facing adversity.
To learn how to make knots.
To realize that there are always things to learn.
To realize that the sea always surprises you.
To realize that the sea teaches you something new. Everyday! 
To respect nature and to be a part of it.
To make friends.
To be patient.
To live the present.
To leave rush aside.
That the sea heals and makes you change.
To live with less.
To overcome fear.
To have grease-filled hands.
To see the limitations.
To trust your boat.
To know how to wait.
To miss.
To be more objective (at least a little).
To live in a small space.
To read calmly.
To taste a landfall in a safe place.
To drop unnecessary burdens.
To gain in balance and reflexes.
To smell the land.
To help others.
To navigate.
And above all...To be humble!

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