Harold's Planet

I didn't know Harold till some days ago when someone posted this "Spend more time sailing" cartoon.

This Harold's Planet site is well worth a visit for a daily cartoon.



Another great artist that someone send me the link:

This one is from Mr. Thomas Eibenberger and you can find his marvelous work here



It's official, I've just found out THE sailing photographer. 
His name is Guillaume Plisson and his Classic Yacht photos are just...AMAZING!.

Check out his marvelous art at Guillaume Plisson



Vendée Globe

Vendée Globe, the most impressive single-handed non-stop round-the-world race or the most extreme chalenge a human can face, is starting on the 10th of November.
20 Skippers from 5 diferent countries will be sailing around the world from west to east via the three major capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn. That's 27.000 nautical miles and more than 80 days "en solitaire"!

You can follow the race here. They are also launching an mobile app on the 1st of November to be downloaded at the App Store.

Fair and safe winds to all this brave Skippers!


Summer readings

This summer I have read three great books:

DOVE, the 1972 classic book that every sailor or dreamer has read sometime. It's the story of Robin Lee Graham, a guy who spent five years sailing around the world as a single-handed sailor starting when he was 16-years old.
My favourite line from the book:

"It's the next horizon that matters, said Charles. Just think of it that way and you'll be home before you know it."

So true!

SOLITAIRE SPIRIT, from Les Powels, who is now 86 years old and living aboard his self-built yacht in Lymington, UK.
This fantastic book it's about his three successful solo circumnavigations. His first circumnavigation took place when he was 37 years old and only eight hours sailing experience!! On his last one he was 67 when he started it, returning eight years later. He was awarded the Ocean Cruising Award of Merit.

The other book it's called ROUNDING THE HORN - a deck's-eye view of Cape Horn, from journalist and sailor Dallas Murphy.
This is the history of Cape Horn described through some historical chronicles. From Drake to FitzRoy (the captain of the Beagle). It's also a firsthand experience of Murphy´s own trip to Cape Horn.
I recomend this book for the entertaining and historical side of it but mind you that you should read it with an open mind because the author sometimes it's too opinionated and not that historically accurate.